Rock That Presentation-Ktm
Rock That Presentation-Ktm


Counselage , Counselage Trainings Pvt. Ltd., Kamaladi Road, Kathmandu, Nepal 10:00 AM onwards Saturday

per head

Date: 2020-03-28
Venue: Counselage Training Center
Trainer: Mannsi Agrawal

In today’s world, powerful presentation is critical in any role. Whether you are persuading colleagues, selling to a client, or energizing a team, the power of your presentation makes the difference between success and failure. This practical workshop teaches how to properly execute your presentation, and stand out from the crowd. You’ll receive proven methods and techniques to develop compelling presentations with universal appeal –yielding consistent, positive results.
Objectives of this workshop
• Speak confidently in Public
• Design and deliver high impact presentations
• Learn the power of non-verbal communication
• Learn techniques to understand and evaluate the audience
• Understand the secret presentation skills of world-class

After attending this workshop, your audience will view you as prepared, informed, and confident. You’ll see measurable gains in communication, personal and corporate image. Your skill as a
presenter and public speaker will improve immensely. You will learn to communicate with clarity and poise. You will be able to interact with the audience in a natural and calm demeanor. You will discover techniques to develop confidence and enthusiasm within you and audience. You will also learn to simplify your complex content and deliver it in an understandable way.

Cost: NRs. 2,200 per person (includes Lunch)

• Managers
• Individuals
• Entrepreneurs
• Sales personnel
• Business leaders
• Professionals
• Educators

Event Venue

Counselage Trainings Pvt. Ltd., Kamaladi Road, Kathmandu, Nepal

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