1. What is Ticketnshop?

Ticketnshop is a real-time ticketing web based portal which enables the user to find bookings and tickets of relevant search and book as well as buy tickets as user's requirement.

2. What can I do through Ticketnshop?

For user--Find bookings and tickets/Real time ticketing/online payment.

For service provider-- List your bookings and tickets Sell tickets and booking/Manage your tickets and bookings, create your profile.

3. Do I need to register for Ticketnshop? How?

For user--You only need to register if you want to book or buy tickets. You can register through social login as well as with a valid email address.

For service provider-- Yes, you need to register before listing your products.

4. How do I book ticket through Ticketnshop?

You can search for your interest as per your requirement through ticketnshop's search engine, choose the best alternative or the required product then login through your social id or valid email address and you can book your tickets.

5. Is it necessary to register for booking tickets?

We would suggest you to register on our website, since it would allow you to view your entire booking history and avail the exciting offers.

6. Why am I being asked for my Mobile number?

Well, the simplest reason being that it is for the security of your transaction and also so that the booking confirmation can be sent to you via SMS. What's more, you also get the dope on discounts and offers.

7. What are the benefits of registering on the site?

By registering, you get access to your booking history on the site. You can also opt to get information on special offers.

8. How many tickets can I book in one transaction?

You are allowed a maximum of 10 tickets per transaction in each area category of the cinema screen. The maximum quantity of tickets available may vary from time to time. Incase you wish to book more than 10 tickets,

9. What do I do if my booking is not completed?

We are sorry for this unlikely inconvenience. If your booking process fails during a payment process, we will notify you if any erroneous charges have been incurred and reverse any amount charged within 3 weeks.

10. Can I pay through ticketnshop?

Of course, you can. Ticketnshop facilitates you with a variety of payment gateways including cash on hand too. You can just enter your payment information and pay through us.

11. How can I list my product?

In order to list your product you can visit Become our partner option, go through a registration process and list your product.

12. Do we need to pay while buying tickets through ticketnshop?

No, it's absolutely free. The customers are not charged any amount for buying tickets.

13. What is TNS credit?

The credits which can be used in ticketnshop for buying various tickets. 1 TNS credit = 1 Rupees.

14. How to earn TNS credit?

TNS credit can be earned by buying tickets through ticketnshop.

15. Will I be charged extra while buying tickets from ticketnshop?

No, you will be charged only the ticket price.