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We at Indreni Mushroom Resort are promoting towards Mushroom, Indreni Mushroom Resort has been established where people are having awesome time with cool and moisture environment with more than 80 mushroom items. We at Indreni Mushroom Resort are exploring mushroom as well as other food items establishing our self as a solo resort all over Nepal. IMR always tries to provide the quality service as best competing to all over the Chitlang area. This place has been a relief and holiday’s fun destination for the people with this experiencing new mushroom items of differ mushrooms, people seems a smiley face for the relief destiny.

Why choose us?

Everybody desires for the number one area and perfect destination to them for their holidays fun and many more. Seeking in out of valley, we desires to be the top most place in the field of hospitality. We are bench marking people to experience followed facilities in Chitlang, Makwan­pur. We at Indreni Mushroom Resort have well-furnished and facilitied restaurant which have capacity to adjust for more than 50 peoples with an equipped bar. It’s open from morning 6:00 AM to 1 2:00 AM (Mid Night). We are serving in a very orderable and affordable price. Indreni Mushroom Resort has rooms and tents as require and desires of the people. Right now we are providing the accommodation lastly to 100 peoples. Barbeque Service, Tent Camping, Transportation, Musical Nights, Camp Fire.

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